Through the grace showered upon us, we are proud to be part of the worldwide industry of macadamia nuts. Not only is this an amazing feat considering the small size of the college, but also because students take part in keeping this incredible work continuing. Our students help farm employees care for the 14,000 macadamia trees over their three-year duration of study. As a result, the Tree of Life Project provides resources for us to provide a quality education and accommodation for students. What happens to the nuts the college produces every year? Where do they go after they leave our campus? How are they processed? Who processes and sells them? In this chain of macadamia nut production, we play the critical role of farming the Read More

The man behind the technical side of the Tree of Life: FK

You might not find him actually working in the Macadamia field or in the offices, sitting on comfortable chairs in front of a computer; yet his work is as vital to the progress of both the Macadamia orchard and African Christian College. Meet Fremino Kwaphe Mondlane, affectionately known as known as FK, the mechanic working under the Tree of Life project. His days are mostly spent under vehicles, working on machines or fixing things. Let us get inside FK’s world and discover how his work fits with the orchard’s and ACC’s work. His work encompasses maintenance of the working equipment and machinery to make sure it is safe and ready to be used. “The tractors that are used to do some work in the fields needs to be frequently checked,” he Read More

No tools, no work! Thembie Mduli’s work in the Tree of Life

Imagine reporting for work in the morning, getting instructions for what you have to do and the specific tools you will need only to discover that there are no tools to work with. There would be no work that day and no food on the table at the end of the month. Many we forget the importance of people tasked with making sure that the tools used to work are kept safe and returned after work. Sometimes we overlook the fact that without these people, we might have no tools left. Today we meet Make Mdluli, an employee in the Tree of Life who works in the stores department where she keeps stock of tools. “Everyone goes via me every morning,” she says with a proud yet humble smile, “to get the tools they need to do their various jobs for the Read More