Building a Strong Church for Future Generations

In the absence of knowledge, people perish (Hosea 4:6). Duncan Ojiambo, a 2012 alumnus, refuses to sit and watch his fellow Ugandans perish from lack of knowledge by taking steps to enlighten people and by helping bring development to communities. He has helped the Budhonga Church of Christ establish a nursery and primary school to improve their educational status. He has distributed Bibles in communities where he teaches development and environmental conversation. And Ojiambo teaches the gospel, and New Life Behaviour International lessons in schools and on the local radio each week. “Ministry is mostly having a caring heart,” said Ojiambo. “My focus is to build a strong church for future generations.” Ojiambo is currently a Read More

Continuing to Learn as a Counsellor

Soon after graduating from African Christian College last year, Tjengisile Nontobeko Banda became employed as a psychosocial counsellor and cashier at Mathangeni Church of Christ Clinic. Below she explains how ACC empowered her to make a difference. I started working at Mathangeni Church of Christ Clinic on the 1st of February 2016. My area of focus is psychosocial counselling where the doctor and nurses refer patients with issues for counselling. Though it is not yet common, we also accept clients who come only for counselling. I am using the skills that I acquired from ACC in doing my job. Since we do not have clients to be counselled every day, I help at the clinic as an interpreter, and as a cashier in the morning. I also register Read More


By Manuel My name is Manuel de Oliveira, I am married to Pamela Jill and we have 3 daughters and 8 granddaughters. Our association with African Christian College goes back to a time when the college was known as Manzini Bible School, before the Tree of Life existed and we used a huge diesel-driven engine to supply our electricity. Then we were a preachers’ training school and our only security concern was the number of snakes nesting under our porch. We are now a community of about 100 people, including the Tree of Life staff, who just recently obtained the Global GAP certification for the 14,000 macadamia nut trees, and a multi-million dollar Christian college that is often described by visiting professors as the Garden of Read More