I Want to be Trained for Excellence in God’s Kingdom

My name is Lovemore Sianyama from the southern part of Zambia, at a place called Kalomo, and I am a Tonga by tribe. I am a first year student at African Christian College (ACC). My story with this institution began a while back when I was told about ACC by my brother who desired to come himself but could not, so he recommended the college to me. I also had talks with two alumnus, Abson Mumba and Matthew Musanda, who fervently encouraged me to come here. In 2015 I applied to be enrolled the following year, and the response I got came as disappointing at that time but today I am happy that I managed to rise above that hence I am here today. When I applied I was told that I did not meet the entry requirements because I did not have enough Read More

Looking forward to a good harvest

Walking around the orchard, one can be forgiven for being caught smiling to themself at the beautiful sight of the trees. Summer is here, the trees are a sparkling green colour, and above all, they have just gone past the  flowering stage and many growing nuts can be seen hanging beautifully from the trees. This is music to our ears because of the possibility of a good harvest, and a good harvest means the continuation of the work that we do here through the grace that God showers upon us. This is not the end of the work we have been doing through the year, but actually the beginning of it. Our trees need to be cared for very closely so that we may receive the harvest that it promises to be. This is the reason why we are currently Read More


        Through the grace showered upon us, we are proud to be part of the worldwide industry of macadamia nuts. Not only is this an amazing feat considering the small size of the college, but also because students take part in keeping this incredible work continuing. Our students help farm employees care for the 14,000 macadamia trees over their three-year duration of study. As a result, the Tree of Life Project provides resources for us to provide a quality education and accommodation for students. What happens to the nuts the college produces every year? Where do they go after they leave our campus? How are they processed? Who processes and sells them? In this chain of macadamia nut production, we play the critical role of farming the Read More