Changed In Thinking and Willingness To Help Others

My name is Bright Kamunika Himakampa. I am a Zambian, born in 1987 in a place called Mbala, Northern Province of Zambia. I completed my secondary school in 2007 and did part time jobs for five years before coming to African Christian College in 2013. My coming to African Christian College was to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and majoring in Counselling. Though I had big perspectives and expectations of how studying abroad would be, the kind of school infrastructure and appearance of the environment didn’t give me good impression as I expected the first time I landed at African Christian College. But to be frank enough, since 2013, I had an opportunity to learn and advance in the knowledge of the Bible on how to read, Read More

ACC Provided Almost Everything I Need

My name is Gloriose Nizigiyimana. I am a Burundian and married for four years to Salomon Ntibaharire, a handsome and caring man whom God gave me. Before I came to ACC, I already had a degree in Clinic Social Psychology from the Great Lacs University of Burundi and I was working with an NGO at Musema hospital. There, I was counselling people who wanted to know their HIV status. Therefore, my husband wished to come at ACC for leadership courses and I had to accompany him, so that he may not be alone as a married man. However, my coming at ACC was not easy because Burundi is far away from Swaziland, and it was hard to travel because of the wars in our country. But, God knew our needs before we even knew them. Through the encouragement Read More

Equipped To Reconcile God’s Creation

I thank African Christian College Board of Trustees, President Mr. Brad Carter, supporting individuals, churches, and the lecturers for making ACC a godly learning environment. At ACC, we gain balanced knowledge and practical skills about the Bible and the world both inside and outside classes. My name is Dennis C. Chintelelwe from Northern Zambia, a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in theology with a major in Organisational Leadership. I am married to Juliet and we have two children, Emmanuela and Emmanuel. My coming to African Christian College in 2013 was a result of seeing the leadership courses that the college offers as it was written in the prospectus. I expected to gain more knowledge about the Bible and the world at Read More