Container of supplies leaves U.S.

Volunteers Loading Container

Texas volunteers loading container for ACC - Sept 2011

Last week, a container was shipped from Global Samaritan Resources, our US based partner in shipping. The container includes over 250 boxes of religious books and a full pallet of textbooks along with various furniture items that will be used in student housing and the new library.

Also included is a flail (a type of mower) for the macadamia orchards.  This new piece of equipment will be a great help in keeping the grass and weeds down in the orchards.  It will also cut down on tractor operation expense as it covers the entire space between two rows of trees while the current mowers only cover about half the space.

The shipment also contains medical supplies to be distributed to local hospitals or clinics that always are short on supplies. Other items will be distributed to benevolent organizations in Swaziland.

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