Our Seed Maize is Growing

Maize Germination

The beautiful site of maize germinating on ACC's campus.

It’s springtime in Swaziland! So it’s time for our crops to burst forth from the ground. Here’s a look at our maize (corn) this morning.

African Christian College grows open pollinated maize seed which can be planted, harvested and then some replanted over the next few years several times without the need of repurchasing seed. Some of it is sold to organizations that distribute it to poor families while the income allows us to purchase much more maize meal for our cafeteria than we would get from grinding it ourselves. Some of it is kept back for use in helping teach sustainable farming to widows and others. Seed is offered to local widows and other poor homesteaders with lessons in appropriate farming methods.

Project S.E.E.D. is one part of our efforts toward sustainability for the college and struggling families in our community.

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