Welcoming 12 New Students for 2012

Students getting ready for classClasses have begun for 2012! We have 32 enrolled students this year from eight different countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.

It’s always a joy to welcome first year students to our campus and their families. Our campus has been blessed with 12 new first-year students (and three additional children!).

We are also excited to have Lynn Rhodes from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, joining us as visiting faculty in our counselling program. He is teaching during this first semester.


2012 Student Population Breakdown:

  • First Year Students: 12
  • Second Year Students: 12
  • Third Year Students: 8

Student home countries:

  • Kenya: 12
  • Lesotho: 1
  • Malawi: 4
  • South Africa: 1
  • Swaziland: 5
  • Uganda: 2
  • Zambia: 3
  • Zimbabwe: 4


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