Welcoming the President-Elect’s Family

Welcome sign at front gate

ACC’s front gate decorated to welcome a new family – the Carters.

Students, faculty, and staff have been awaiting the arrival of our new President-Elect’s family. Brad Carter will take the reigns as ACC President in January 2013, but he and his family arrived on campus today.

The Carters visited the college in 2011. Brad taught Christian Ethics during our third module.

Joining Brad is his wife, Rachael, and their three daughters Ellianna, Caroline, and Annie. They received a warm welcome by students who decorated the front gate, faculty who decorated their front door, and through personal greetings and blessings.

Brad brings a wealth of experience working in higher education, church planting, and organizational management to African Christian College at a critical time as we work toward accreditation and continue to develop and grow.

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