A Blessing for Khwima Chirwa

Chirwa Family

The Chirwa family following the blessing of 1 month old Kwima.

On Sunday evening, the African Christian College family participated in a cultural tradition of blessing and welcoming a new baby into our family.

Khwima Chirwa is the fourth son of Mbwenu and Wanangwa Chirwa from Malawi. Mbwenu is a third year student. Born a month earlier, Khwima stayed at home until Sunday evening when he was brought to the community for a blessing by the campus grandfathers (elders). Larry Carter, Fielden Allison, and Hilton Merritt layed on hands and offered a prayer for Khwima and his family. Mbwenu offered his thanks and appreciation to the community for the support they have been during Wanangwa’s pregnancy and the first month of the baby’s life.

Our campus community is often blessed with new babies and young children that accompany our students and staff! It is an honour to play an important role in the lives of these children as they grow, develop, and learn to love God while with us.

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