Starting the Spring Semester

We can hardly believe the final semester of 2012 has come! The classes meeting this morning certainly indicates that we’re all on the downward slope to the end of the year. Already, our third year students are fighting the distraction of returning home in a few short months.

Our students enjoy visiting lecturers and the knowledge and love they bring to our campus. The new faces in front of the classroom also bring some anxiety about not knowing what to expect. Yet again we’re blessed with many great lecturers for this next module.

Dr. H.M. Motsinger is teaching Behaviour Change Psychology to our counselling students each day. H.M. taught a workshop on campus about five years ago.

This is the second module Lynn Rhodes is teaching this year. He is teaching Christian Ethics with the first and second year students and also teaching Prophets to our third year students. We are blessed that Lynn has committed to join our faculty full-time as a Bible and counselling lecturer.

Truman and Nancy Whitaker are new to African Christian College. Both are teaching courses each day to our students. Nancy, a retired English teacher from the USA, is teaching English II to our first year students and Truman is teaching Project Leadership.

Other courses this semester include Hebrews, Spiritual Formation, and Hermeneutic all taught by full-time faculty.

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