Singing & Praying in Tongues: All Night Prayer

Duncan Ojiambo

Duncan Ojiambo, Uganda

What a night we had at African Christian College on 27th July 2012. We experienced wonderful fellowship of its kind ever. African Christian College is comprised of students from eight different African countries, namely: The Kingdom of Swaziland, The Republic of South Africa, The Kingdom of Lethoso, The Republic of Zimbabwe, The Republic of Zambia, The Republic of Kenya, The Republic of Malawi and The Republic of Uganda.

We were also privileged to rub shoulders with brothers and sisters from United States of America, and interesting enough they are also from different states. Among these are visiting lecturers, staff members, and library construction crew.

We sang songs in different languages or tongues, wow! It was exciting and amazing to see everyone actively participating in learning how to sing in all the languages represented.

Why All-Night Prayer?

We wanted to sacrifice sleep for the sake of seeking God’s intimacy, just like our Lord Jesus Christ did in Luke 6:12: “Jesus went out to the mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God,” running ahead of all the multitude that are seeking the attention of God and strategizing a means of being identified by Christ just like Zacchaeus the tax collector did after realizing that his shortness could not enable him to meet or get attention from Jesus Christ (Luke 19:1-9). As the ACC family we acknowledge that we have different shortness that may hinder us from getting Christ’s immediate attention. That’s why we opt to drown ourselves in ceaseless prayers like all-night prayers.

It is good to pray for someone because we are commanded to do so by our Master and Lord Jesus Christ. We had various prayer items, among which are the following:

We prayed for our sponsors. Every individual who is connected to well-being of ACC, be it through donations toward any project that enables ACC to keep operating, lecturers who sacrifice their finances, time and effort to fly over here and impart knowledge in us, the ongoing library project and all those who are always praying for us.

We prayed for the Board members, thanking God for their efforts.

We also prayed for the sick, both within and outside.

We prayed for our families back in our respective home countries, studies, spiritual growth, administration, Tree of Life project workers and peace in the Kingdom of Swaziland. We acknowledge the need of persistent prayer and we hope to make this kind of prayers a norm in this wonderful family of ACC.

Bravo to our outgoing and incoming presidents, Larry and Brad Carter, who began and ended with us in this prayer session. Your participation was of great encouragement to the entire student body. Be blessed.

Personally, ACC is an incredible learning institution to be in. My two years stay and hard work at this college has transformed my life and channeled my relationship directly to Christ. I have learnt a lot, benefited a lot and grown a lot. May the Almighty God open the flood gates of heaven and shower all necessary blessings to everyone who has made my stay at ACC possible. I am equipped to go out and expand the kingdom of God.

On behalf of the student body, I am honored in humility, loyalty and thanksgiving to submit this report. Let’s empower each other in this ministry of uplifting the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Duncan Ojiambo

P.S. – Prayer of a believer is powerful and effective.

Duncan is a second year student from Uganda. In addition to his study and work on campus, Duncan has provided tremendous support and encouragement through his volunteering at the Steki Church of Christ.


  1. McDonald says:

    what a joy for believers to come together and praise the living God.
    how i long that one day how be part of what God is doing at this school through preparing men and women for the work of God.


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