The Gift of Housing

Married Triplex 2011

This triplex for married students completed last year is already full.

We believe three years is too long for a married couple to be apart or for children to be without their parent. This is one of the reasons we require married students to bring their family with them while attending our college. We also believe being together on our campus is a great opportunity for spiritual formation of the entire family. More and more, we’re seeing both spouses enrolling as full-time students.

Of course, this presents a challenge. It requires a much larger investment to provide housing for families than for single students. It’s a challenge we must face as the costs of not doing it are much greater: separated and sometimes broken families; fatherless homes; and a missed opportunity for education and spiritual growth.

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado (USA) sent a check this week for $75,000 to build another triplex of married student housing on our campus. This check came from the Agape Faith Fund thanks to fund-advisors who sent the following message: “May God continue to bless your college and its students in spreading the gospel message in Africa.”

The news of the gift was announced to the students with great applause and a prayer of thanksgiving and blessings to the donors.

This gift will provide decades of housing to married student families studying and preparing to be transformational leaders in their homes, communities, and congregations. Financial gifts of all sizes are always needed to accomplish the vision of a transformed continent through the power of God and well-prepared leaders.


  1. Lori Carter says:

    WOW! UNC gave $75,000 to you for housing? THAT is an amazing gift from God! I should stop by and say thanks in person since I’m right here in town! Praise God!

    • The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado not UNC. But it is great! A generous new donor directed that money to be given to us. We are dearly thankful.

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