Blessing our campus children

Children being prayed over on campus

Campus children being prayed for by campus grandparents, mothers, and fathers.

Our campus children — with the helpful, creative, and energetic oversight of third-year student and father Cheptot (Kenya) — led the campus worship service on Sunday 7 October. They taught everyone lessons through performing plays, quoting Scripture, leading songs, having fun, and their actions as leaders before the community.

The children shared their gratitude to the campus administration and donors for the many blessings they have received since coming to ACC. They honored their parents, the campus “elders”, and clearly modeled having a good time and praising God as compatible, important, and fun aspects of a childlike faith. They also expressed their “goodbyes” to friends who would be leaving following graduation and the difficulties of the regular turnover of children and families on our campus.

Campus "elders"

The children invited the “mature” campus residents to the front for special recognition.

Walking sticks were distributed to the campus “elders” to help them get to the front for a time of honoring them. These “mature” members of our campus joined the fun through their humorous response of acting as if they needed the sticks.

The evening culminated in a beautiful time of blessing the children. Grandparents — including new grandparents Kenneth & Judith Mutanga (Zimbabwe) — laid hands on individual children. Mothers and fathers were also invited to join the time of blessing so each child had an individual praying for them.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” On our campus and in the kingdom of God, children play an important role as we all live as children of God.

— Enjoy more pictures from this fun and important worship service in our Facebook photo gallery.

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