Entertainment through Talent Showcase

Isaac displays his portrait of a fellow student

Isaac, a first year from Uganda, displays a portrait he drew of a fellow student from Zambia.

Part of the fun of being together at African Christian College is getting to know about the different personalities, customs, traditions, beliefs, practices, and talents of each different member in our family.

Enjoyment and surprise are a regular part of our Talent Shows on campus.

On Saturday 13 October, the Students, faculty, and staff presented an array of talents including art, acting, baking, singing, composing and performing, and storytelling. Creativity was expressed through the unique enjoyment and elaborate set design for an act of “amazing flexibility”. Everyone enjoyed the return of the Gum Boot Dancers which were “Back by Popular Demand.”

As part of the event Felix Rawago, a first year student from Kenya, presented a large painting of the new library for display in this much anticipated new campus location.

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