Student-led ACC News Bulletin Launches

First edition of the student-led _ACC News Bulletin_ was distributed on 30 October 2012

After a few months of planning and work, the students launched their own regular publication called the ACC News Bulletin. The bulletin is published and edited by students and will cover a variety of topics. The student team members include Spencer Kasauka, a third year student from Zambia; Lerato Mavuso, a second year student from Swaziland; Michael Masumba, a second year student from Malawi; and Daniel Mabele, a second year student from Zambia.

A few weeks ago, a contest was held among the students to suggest a title for the newsletter. Cheptot, a third year student from Kenya, had the chosen entry of ACC News Bulletin and was awarded a small prize. The first issue had a theme of “Let’s Share” — submitted by Mongie Silombo, a third year student from Swaziland.

The first publication was distributed following Chapel on Tuesday 30 October and included interviews with the outgoing and incoming presidents of the college, an update on student evangelism efforts, puzzles, inspiration, and an interview with a student.

Download a PDF copy of premier edition of the ACC News Bulletin



  1. I would like to congratulate you for pub lishing such a positive and informing newsletter. HM

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