Graduating as an Mkhulu

Kenneth Mutanga

Kenneth Mutanga, graduating student from Zimbabwe

Our 2012 graduates are counting down the days and hours until graduation on 6 December. We’ve asked them to reflect on their time studying at ACC. This second post comes from another Zimbabwean, Kenneth Mutanga. Kenneth has grown quite fond of being called “mkhulu” (grandfather) after the recent birth of his first grandchild. Kenneth is at ACC with his wife (who is also a student) and two of his daughters, Sharon and Flora. 


I am really humbled to acquire a bachelor’s degree at 48 years old, especially at the birth of my first grandson, Tamirandashe Samuriwo.

I thank my wife, children, and ACC lecturers including the whole administration. Learning while you are a father, husband, servant and mkulu is not easy especially wearing reading glasses everyday. My greatest thanks goes to the sponsors of ACC who wish us to learn theology to help others in Africa. Your efforts will never be ignored by Jesus at this level.

I am prepared to work whole heartedly to wherever God will give me service. I am compelled to help my Zimbabwean brethren come out of the cave from subjects like ethics, cultural anthropology, hermeneutics, church history, Restoration movement, and many more.

May all be blessed at this point.

Kenneth Mutanga

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