Hello Africa! How are you doing?

Judith Mutanga

Judith Mutanga, a 2012 Graduate from Zimbabwe

Graduation is only two days away. As our students complete their studies, we’ve asked them to reflect on their three years at ACC. In this week’s post, Judith Mutanga (Zimbabwe), shares some quick thoughts and encouragement to students considering attending ACC. Judith attends class along with her husband Kenneth (who posted last week) and lives on campus with two of her daughters, Sharon and Flora.


God can make a way where there is no way.

It was my wish and prayer for long to further my studies but the way remained closed until 2010 when I started my studies at African Christian College.

I am graduating on the 6th December 2012 with a Bachelor of Theology and minor in Counselling; and as a trainer with New Life Behavior International. I am hoping to work with people as far as change is concerned.

Come to ACC for study and your dreams will be true. I love you all.

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