Storm Damage Repair Progress

This roof was completely removed and now replaced with donated funds.

This roof was completely removed and now replaced with donated funds.

A strong, surprise storm uprooted trees, removed roofs, and wreaked other damage across our campus on 16 October 2012. Since then, we’ve been working diligently to make repairs and raise funds to prevent the diversion of operational funds for storm repair.

In the hours immediately following the storm, students and staff worked to save textbooks, remove standing water inside buildings, and secure open spaces from more harm. The following morning everyone worked throughout the day cleaning up debris, cutting up fallen trees, and taking care of other damage — without power or water on campus.

The week of the storm, our Tree of Life staff diligently replanted over 100 fallen trees and trimmed them in order to maximize their ability to survive the trauma.

In the months since the storm, we have been working with insurance claims, purchasing materials, and doing major repairs. This includes repairs to several roofs and completely new roofs on the Brazell Student Centre and Round House.

We estimated approximately $45,000 in damages. Without the generosity of our donors, essential operational funds would be diverted for storm repairs. Almost $20,000 has been donated to storm damages in the two months since the storm. Donations may be mailed to African Christian College; PO Box 70033; Albuquerque, NM 87197 and marked “storm damage” or sent via bank, PayPal, or credit card through our secure online donation form.

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