Two Sides to My Story

Spencer Kasauka

Zambian 2012 graduate Spencer Kasauka

Our 2012 Graduate blog series continues today with a post from a Zambian graduate. While a student at ACC, Spencer Kasauka was a volunteer project leader, launching editor of the ACC News Bulletin (the student newspaper), member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), and chairman of the SRC Constitution Committee. Spencer graduated with an emphasis in leadership and shares some of his story below.

My name is Spencer Kasauka. I come from the eastern part of Zambia. I attended my primary school at Kansenshi Primary School in Nodola and went to Kansenshi, Chipata Day Secondary High School. In 2003, I was employed in a tobacco production and export company called Alliance One International. I served the company for two years, until 2005 when I decided to further my education. I have since studied with Zambia Business Management and Accountancy Centre (ZABMAC), Zambia Christian Institute and Mapepe Bible College, and African Christian College.

African Christian College is a pedestal of theological education among the church of Christ the theological colleges in Africa. The college is deliberate in the way it offers education, develops leaders, and teaches life skills. The college is setting a trend that will help to provide African godly and excellent spiritual and social leaders. It enrols Christians and graduates excellent church and community leaders.

I am one of the proud students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (B.Th.) with a minor in Leadership. It has not been an easy three years. The best part on my learning curve is meeting and adjusting to the various cultures represented by both the college administration and students. My spiritual and theological worldviews have changed exceptionally. Although I am convinced that the amount of knowledge that has been impressed on me is sufficient to sustain me and lead others; it is also sufficient to mislead. So I plan to remain a student at the “University of Life.”

The leadership skills that I have developed are very rewarding. These skills have been acquired through two ways. One way of leadership skills development is the college’s deliberate policy of providing volunteer projects led by particular students. The other way is through the college’s provision of courses in leadership and involving students in developing and leading different programs for the college.

It is worthwhile for me to celebrate the period that I have spent at African Christian College. The education will help me to serve my community and the church. I want to be an influential leader in Africa and help steer the current African leadership crisis into a positive and sustainable direction. It is on me to use and share what I have acquired with the right people. I have the responsibility to grow from where I am to whoever I would like to be in service to God and humanity. I am willing and able to join the team of change movers in Africa: spiritually, socially and economically.

I want to thank African Christian College and everyone who has played a part in my education and spiritual growth. God bless you all.

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