New Classrooms, Furniture for a New Year

Students learning in admin blockClasses began today in fresh and new classrooms in our administration building. Changes in our curriculum required an increased number of classrooms to be able to teach all our students at the same time.

Thanks to the completion of our new library in 2012, remodeling in the former library space opened up space for three new classrooms. Two of these are some of our largest. Fresh coats of paint and other minor repairs helped start the year off in what feels like a new place to learn and study.

Six classrooms — including our computer instruction lab — now get daily use as students study theories of counselling, community development, Greek, Corinthians, maths, English, spiritual formation, marriage and family, church planting and growth, and apologetics this semester.

Adding new classes and record enrolment also led to a lack of desks and chairs. With financial assistance through Truman and Nancy Whitaker, 2012 and 2013 visiting lecturers, we were able to purchase new desks and chairs to help ensure that the classes had the minimum needed each day.

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