Pivotal Leadership Changes for 2013

A new year brings leadership transitions for the Board of Trustees and staff at African Christian College. With a newly seated board chairman and a new college president — leadership at the top looks different in 2013.

Brad Carter takes reigns as new president

ACC President Brad Carter

ACC President Brad Carter

African Christian College is proud to welcome its new president Brad Carter to the chief leadership position of the college. Brad brings experience in Christian higher education, church work, community development, and non-profit/NGO leadership to the presidency.

Chosen by the board in January 2012, Brad has been living on campus snice May 2012 and learning about the current operations. His wife Rachael and their three lovely daughters also join him in the work at ACC.

Change is rarely easy — especially for an organization like a college. Excellence in succession planning helped make this transition much smoother. Brad also has a ten year history of awareness and knowledge of ACC through his parents, Larry and Susan Carter, who retired from the college in December.

Meet the new ACC President Brad Carter


Board Leadership Transition

Board Chairman Kerry Lowery on recent visit to ACC

Board Chairman Kerry Lowery on recent visit to ACC

At its January 2013 meeting, the trustees elected new officers. Board chairman Dr. Ira Hill and vice-chair Dr. Lee Thompson stepped down from their positions but remain on the board and as volunteers and donors.

Dr. Hill provided excellent leadership as board chair and moved the college forward on many fronts including academics, board development, fund development, macadamia sales, and capital improvements.

The board selected Kerry Lowery as the new chairman. Kerry is an elder at the Montgomery Boulevard Church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), CEO of Anesthesia Associates of New Mexico, and a member of several other boards including Oklahoma Christian University.

As vice chair and secretary, the board selected Larry Harms, an active member and teacher in the church in Australia and an engineer with Conoco-Phillips.

Learn more about our 15 trustees

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