5 Important Reasons I am at ACC

Meet our first years! In the first few weeks of 2013, our first year students had a class assignment in Computer Skills to type a personal introduction and tell “Why am I at African Christian College?” In this series, you get to meet the students in their own words…


Dennis Chintelelwe, Zambia

I am Dennis Chengala Chintelelwe from the northern part of Zambia, Luwingu District in the village called Mpaka. I was born on 20th June 1984, but on the National Registration Card it shows 1986 for the reason that when I went for registration, I had more years than they require. Thus, the one who was working there asked me to reduce by two years on which I had no option but to do.

My father’s names are Abram Changala and was born in Mungwi District, Village Mulilo. While my mother’s names are Maurine Chomba, she was born in Luwingu District, Village Mpaka. Both of them died before 1997.

I am married to Juliet Kombe Mushinka with two children, first born daughter Emmanuela Changala and she is 5 years old. Second born son Emmanuel Chomba who is 3 years old. They both remained in Zambia [but are now on campus with their parents!]

I did senior secondary grades at Luwingu High School from 2004 to 2006. For 4 years I was in the village and in the fifth year. I was at Mapepe Bible College in 2012. I was doing piece work in companies and 2013 learning new things at ACC.

There are a good number of reasons to why I am at African Christian College. Some of these important ones are as follows:

  1. I was accepted.
  2. I want to have more knowledge of the Bible and the world at large.
  3. I want God to use me to develop communities. This is especially in areas which most people believe are difficult to develop.
  4. I want to have a blessed paper that will support me to get employment in government or any separate organization to earn a living and begin to help other people in need financially as I am helped.
  5. I do not want to depend on Christians with all my effort for food as I will be working for God, but to have different skills to support myself.

My introduction can go as far as five pages, but this is all I can say about myself.

Thank you.

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