Fulfilling a Dream

Meet our first years! In the first few weeks of 2013, our first year students had a class assignment in Computer Skills to type a personal introduction and tell “Why am I at African Christian College?” In this series, you get to meet the students in their own words…


Daniel Chesebe, Kenya

My name is Daniel Sosy Chesebe. I am thirty one years young. I’m married with one child. My wife is Linah Chesebe and my child is Praise. I come from Kenya. I speak Kiswahili, English, and Sabaot. Kiswahili and English is our national language while Sabaot is my mother tongue.

We come from the village called Kitalale and this is where I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour in the year 1999. Here now is my journey of salvation starts, I did not receive Him because people do, but I did because I was convinced that I am a sinner.

Now I questioned myself on how I will make this journey successful without confusion? My conclusion was spiritual growth:

  • to be empowered with the Word of God
  • to acquire knowledge about the same

My first college I attended was East Africa School of Theology where I acquired my diploma and that was in 2007.

After that I desired to continued with a degree and I was looking forward to pursuing it.

Something came to my mind because I had heard about ACC some time back from my brother. I immediately made it my choice and God consented.

ACC has good quality spiritual nourishment. I chose ACC to be one of my fulfillments over my dream. That is now why I am here for my degree.

May our almighty God meet our needs as we study here at ACC.

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