To Make A Difference back in Burundi

Meet our first years! In the first few weeks of 2013, our first year students had a class assignment in Computer Skills to type a personal introduction and tell “Why am I at African Christian College?” In this series, you get to meet the students in their own words…


Gloriose Nizigiyimana, Burundi

I am Gloriose Nizigiyimana. I come from Burundi country. I am first child in my family and married to Salomon Ntibaharire in September 2011. My family is still living who are Father, Mother, six brothers, and two sisters.

My secondary study finished in July 2001 and university study finished in May 2009. Then following my studies, I began to write a memory book for ending my university study. This university called Great Lakes University where I was studied for years. Before presenting my memoir, we made a nice marriage with my husband.

Since 1 July 2010, I had a job in a hospital helping the HIV sick. This hospital was in other province, far from mine. I had to separate from my husband. It was difficult for me to live without my husband because I was a young wife. I might go to work for a living. When I was on the job, in my heart, I thought how will we get a moment to be near my new family? And then, my husband and I took time to pray to our Lord to change this situation. We prayed and prayed. God gave us an answer using a people.

One day, my husband and I visited one family where we met someone who proposed we study leadership. We had no idea because we saw it difficult to do this. After the conversation with him, we asked a for a process to follow the possibility. He told us that he had a friend in Swaziland and he could show us how we could do it. He connected us with ACC and the process began.

They told us about ACC and we were happy to hear about African Christian College and wished to be in it. After that, we began praying for an opening.

We sent our forms to African Christian College and they accepted. The journey wasn’t easy from Burundi to Swaziland but we arrived in Jesus name.

What am I doing now at ACC?

  • To serve my God in love.
  • To develop my mind for working a goodness.
  • To make a difference when I come back to Burundi.
  • To have a degree that aids the others.

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