God Wanted Me Here

Meet our first years! In the first few weeks of 2013, our first year students had a class assignment in Computer Skills to type a personal introduction and tell “Why am I at African Christian College?” In this series, you get to meet the students in their own words…


Chanda Mulenga, Zambia

My name is Chanda Mulenga, a Zambian female. I am happily married to McDonald Chongo Chanda and have a son named Divine who is 1 year, 6 months. We live in Ndola Pamonzi area. We congregate at Bible Way Ministries.

I am in the family of five, three girls and two boys. I happen to be the last born. My brothers and sisters are happily married with children.

I came to know about ACC through my husband. He wanted to further his studies. I finished secondary school in 2007, did catering for six months with Fly Lady Ministries and part of social work with the University of Zambia. Have worked with SID for two years back home working to run a restaurant as a chef.

Reasons why I came to ACC:

  • God wanted me to be here
  • I followed my husband because it’s the school policy
  • To acquire knowledge
  • To learn more about the Bible

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