Celebrating Success at Graduation

Graduation 2013It seems that immediately upon arrival, the countdown to graduation begins.

At first it’s, “How much longer until I’m not a first year?”

Then, you start hearing, “One more year! Then I’ll be in my last year here!”

Finally, “This is it. My final year. I’m graduating in November!”

The time moves both swiftly and slowly. It often seems like students just arrived when it’s time for them to depart. Yet, it also seems as if they’ve always been here.

But on this everyone agrees: while you’re here you change. The essays from the graduates posting on our website in November and December bear witness to the transformations of the students.

Then immediately following graduation students return home. Today, less than 12 hours after the start of graduation last night, graduates began to return to Kenya, Lesotho, and Zambia. Even last night, a Swaziland graduate returned home.

But, that’s what it’s all about — equipping African women and men for excellent service. The equipping time must come to an end.

They’ve completed their education. They’re ready to serve. Ready to lead. Ready to make a difference in God’s kingdom throughout Africa. And ready to continue learning, growing, and changing into Christ’s image.

On Thursday night, 28 November, twelve students received their degrees and completed their time at African Christian College. Today, they return to seven different African nations to continue their lifetime of service.

Over the past few weeks, they’ve received special blessings from you and also from faculty, administration, and fellow students. And, for the past three years, you’ve blessed them with your prayers, encouragement, love, teaching, and financial gifts. You’ve done amazing work in their lives.

This year’s Bachelor of Theology degree graduates included:

  • Alex Cheroben, Kenya – major in Counselling
  • Willy Cheruiyot, Kenya – major in Leadership
  • Victor Elisha, Kenya – major in Leadership
  • Ronald Kiprotich, Kenya – major in Leadership
  • Daniel Mabele, Zambia – major in Counselling
  • Michael Masumba, Malawi – major in Counselling
  • Lerato Mavuso, Swaziland – major in Counselling
  • Molefi Mosiuoa, Lesotho – double minors in Ministry & Leadership
  • Tabo Hanna Mukwenda, Zambia – major in Counselling
  • Tsitsi Nherera, Zimbabwe – major in Counselling
  • Sincedzile Simelane, Swaziland – major in Counselling

And, Isaac Kasakya, from Uganda, received his Diploma in Theology.

Honored during the ceremony were Tsitsi Nherera as the top of the class. Alex Cheroben also received a special award of recognition for his improvement as a student and showing massive growth over the course of the three years on campus.

To view photos from graduation, please visit our photo gallery.

Commenting on these photos is a great way to share your personal words of encouragement directly with the students. Like many of you, they are also on Facebook and will see your comments on their photos.

Thank you for making possible their service throughout Africa.

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