Equipped to be a critical thinker

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Victor Elisha, Kenya

My name is Victor Elisha. I am twenty eight years old. Having been born in Kaksingri central location, Suba district, Nyanza province in Kenya.

Coming to African Christian College has been a great blessing to me.

Reason being, African Christian College equipped me to be a critical thinker rather than being a repeat-after-me product. Everything I learned at African Christian College the teachers taught me how to apply it in my day-to-day life. ACC taught me how to live wisely by making the most of every opportunity.

In African Christian College every second counts. By this I learnt to master my life by mastering my time.

African Christian College transformed me from doing things right to doing the right things.

In my whole life I have been a man of titles, but for the time I have stayed in African Christian College I have been challenged. I have learnt that it is not the title we have but rather the value we add on people that matters. I have been changed to be a servant and I have learnt that it is nice to be served but it is more important to serve.

African Christian College has created confidence in me. It has boosted my hope in life. It has generated enthusiasm in me.

May God bless African Christian College.

Victor Elisha, from Kenya, is a 2013 graduate of African Christian College with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, majoring in Leadership.

His personal reflection above is part of a series of essays from our 2013 graduates.

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