I am who I am because of ACC

(Photo of Willy)

Willy Cheruiyot, Kenya

My name is Willy Kiprotich Cheruiyot from Kenya, Rift-valley province, Kericho County, Sitotwet village.

I came here in 2011 with my family and now I have spent three years being part and parcel of the ACC family at large. This school has totally changed my life in different areas.

I have acquired great knowledge in theology and leadership (equipped me for excellent service for better future in God’s kingdom) and this is going to help to teach in one of the Bible Schools back home after graduating. From here also it will help me in church ministry to equipping church leaders.

My cultural world view has been changed. This is because here at ACC we have more than one culture and I used to believe my culture is the best or superior than other tribes. ACC has brought all these cultures together as brothers and sisters who are able to interact together.

I have learnt to persevere in face of challenges I encountered while I am far from my home country. One example I recall is when I lost my father last year. ACC at large came and comforted us when we were grieving though it took me some months to accept and cope with the situation.

I am whom I am because of ACC.

Last but not least is that I have gained skills through volunteer work that is being provided here. For example, volunteering in the garden has helped me to gain different skills of farming. I hope after going home I will use wisely my farm to produce crops that will sustain my family.

May the God of peace bless ACC for transforming my life, making me ready to be used in the ministry in season and out of season.

Willy Cheruiyot came to African Christian College from Kenya with his wife, Loice, and his son, Kipchirchir. He graduates with a Bachelor of Theology degree with a major in Leadership.

This essay is part of a series of posts from our 2013 graduating class.

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