Alma Mater of My Growth

(Photo of Molefi)

Molefi Mosiuoa, Lesotho

In this final installment of posts from our 2013 graduates, Molefi Mosiuoa penned this poem entitled, “ACC, The Alma Mater of My Growth” to tell of his personal transformation at African Christian College.

Molefi is from Lesotho and completed a Bachelor of Theology degree with a double-minor in Ministry and Leadership.

ACC, the alma mater of my growth
My life was a wonderment of truth
Passionate for God’s secrets
Like a hungry angry hunting lion began my search
The year 2011 was the hour
Expectations overwhelming my oblongata   
ACC, the alma mater of my growth
Diverse African tongues in harmony they chat
Joy is the flag of the castle of their hearts
Love is their daily bread
Peace showers like the summer rain
Like an ocean in the desert
Christ is their last name
The identity of our character
ACC, the alma mater of my growth
As a potter potters his pot I was crafted
Behind the pulpit with fear I started my speech
Like an alien in the Eskimo land I trembled
But ACC turned my tragedies into inspiring triumphs
My dreams into exciting achievements
ACC, the alma mater of my growth
My luggage is overflowing with wisdom
Knowledge has humbled my soul
The gospel has become the front page of my news letter
From worry the warrior I become
From victory to victor
Cry to grace
Mess to message
Trials to triumphal
ACC, the alma mater of my growth
I was drowning in the ocean of illusion
Sealed with the aged doctrine
Desire for understanding was not making a little noise in my mind
I was held captive of the former way
Locked in the prison of the so called doctrine
Words worth not my gratitude
ACC, you changed my being
ACC the alma mater of my growth


– Molefi Mosiuoa, November 2013

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