I am now a Change Specialist

(Photo of Tabo)

Hanna Tabo Mukwenda, Zambia

I am filled with peace in my heart to being at Africa Christian College. I can honestly say it was a rigorous programme.

I achieved my goal at ACC. God has guided me from the very beginning to where I am. Let me briefly highlight my educational achievements at ACC.

I am a happy Change Specialist as I leave ACC. I have grown personally to be more patient. I have also gained life skills to understand other people from different cultures.

I will face life with enough certainty and enthusiasm.I have been taught and drilled to serve others with a passion. I have been humbled by the fact that our greatest duty in this world is to serve God and my fellow men.

I believe education is the only equalizer in this life.  I cannot wait to step in the community to implement my expertise. Step by step on my way I will follow Jesus. I would like to thank all stakeholders, well-wishers, and lecturers at African Christian College for making my dream come true through your selfless benevolence.

Hanna Tabo Mukwenda returns to Zambia with his wife, Immaculate; daughter, Faith; and son, Hope, after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Theology with a major in Counselling.

His reflection above is part of a series of essays from the 2013 graduates of African Christian College.

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