Learning forgiveness

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Daniel Mabele, Zambia

My name is Daniel Mabele. I come from the Southern part of Zambia and the second born in the family of four handsome young men! I did my primary education at Mahatma Gandhi in Lusaka and went to, Jacaranda were I did my High School. In 2006, I completed my high school education and later in 2008 went to college and did a certificate in ICT and upon completion I was recommended to travel to Southern province (Mukwela Youth Resource Centre) to start computer courses.

I served the centre for a year, until 2009 when I felt the need to go to a Bible College to broaden my understanding on forgiveness and successfully enough I was accepted to a Bible college and later African Christian College — for forgiveness has been our struggle as a family since dad died in 1998.

African Christian College is a melting point of all kinds of cultures, traditions and beliefs. The college gave me an opportunity to study God’s word and learn a skill that will not make me go back home as “church parasite” but as a “catalyst”— an agent of change.

“Equipping students for excellent service” has been the slogan. I have seen ACC execute that for the three years I have spent there.

The college will be sending me out in few weeks to come. I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology with a major in counselling. It has not been an easy three years, yet very productive for me.

One of the most important things I have learned and hold to high esteem is forgiveness… such that every December holiday I would go back home and reconcile with family members from my father’s side who in a way abandoned us. This has been my struggle and it has not been an easy task!

While at African Christian College I have been taught to actively participate in duties that require my abilities and to explore in others I thought I could not manage. Surprisingly enough I succeeded in most instances and learned to value the community and all humanity.

It is of great significance for me to celebrate the period that I have spent at African Christian College. This education that I have acquired will help me to serve my community and the church.

I would love to thank African Christian College for helping me to realize my God-given abilities and it’s my prayer that, together with my classmates that we may be used mightily in influencing the world to Christ, through Counselling, Leadership, and Ministry.

The responsibility is upon me to use and share what I have acquired with whoever might be in need of my services. I believe ACC has left room for me to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and above all spiritually.

Finally I would love to thank ACC, friends and family for being there for me. May the good Lord richly bless you all for such a wonderful gesture and God willing I intend to come back and serve in any way possible!

Daniel Mabele graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology with a major in Counselling on 28 November 2013. His essay above is part of a series of reflections from African Christian College’s 2013 graduates.

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