My journey from knowing ‘about’ God to ‘knowing’ God

(Photo of Tsitsi)

Tsitsi Nherera, Zimbabwe

God knew where I would get to know him.

I have come to realize that He is not moved by my ‘wants’ but his plan or purpose prevail. He just wanted me to take one step of coming here and He took care of the rest of my three year’s journey. I had always wanted to learn more ‘about’ God but I had divided thoughts on becoming a ‘theologian’.

African Christian College, you had exactly what I needed.

I chose to major in counseling with the objective of helping other people. Little did I know that I needed that counseling myself.

You boosted my confidence, self-esteem and made me realize that I’m worthy, not because of what I have but because of who I am.

I have had an opportunity of meeting people from different cultures and you taught me to accept their cultures as just different from mine not inferior. Being a member of a family made up of people from ten different nations was just an amazing experience.

I am proud to be your product and I  know that I won’t be the same person that I was three years ago.

Hats off to the sponsors of this college, board members, our President, admin staff, resident and visiting lecturers. It is because of you that this college is in existence and I have known God through your deeds.

Tsitsi Nherera is from Zimbabwe and earned her Bachelor of Theology degree with a major in Counselling this year.

Her reflections above are part of a series of posts from African Christian College’s 2013 graduates.

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