World Bible School Action! Report includes ACC

Earlier this year an exchange with a World Bible School web teacher and African Christian College led to the baptism of a young man and his wife who had been studying with WBS. When the teacher contacted ACC for personal follow-up with the Swazi man, our local alumni jumped into action to respond by visiting Mancoba and Nomsa.

Ten days later, they were baptized on campus. And this month the follow-up process was documented in World Bible School’s Action! Newsletter:

ACC feature in WBS Action newsletter

More good news — ACC alumni and others held a braai at Mancoba’s to encourage him and continue exploring the best ways and places to evangelize and be involved in an area congregation.

We love our partners like World Bible School and the work we get to do together to expand God’s kingdom.

Download the full Action! Newsletter for May 2014 from World Bible School

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