I Now Stand with Confidence

Mphatso KazembeThis post is part of a series of posts from our graduating third year students. Today’s post is from Mphatso Kazembe from Malawi. On 29 November 2014, she graduated with her Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Counselling.

I thank Lord God Almighty for giving us the opportunity to come and study at African Christian College on 13th January 2012. I came with my family: my husband, Oliver, and sons, Trevor and Trevis.

We also thank the people who provided financial support and their time to pray for us each and every day for the three years we have been here. May God Almighty bless you and give you a long life with good health so that you can also do this good work for others and so that the gospel of Christ should reach many people on this Earth.

Since the time I came to ACC, I learnt many different courses which will help me when I will go back home. I have benefited a lot and I will help people in my church and in my society.

After these three years, my worldview has changed to the better. My reasoning and viewing things am now seeing in a different angle compared to the time I came. The level of thinking capability is different and advanced.

My family has benefited because of the lessons we got from Family and Marriage class.

When I came here, I did not know how to preach but with the introduction of Ladies’ Chapel, I now stand in front of ladies with confidence and deliver the message of Christ.

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