I Want to be Like You

Here is another guest post from Joshua -- to the students...
Watipatsa & Charity photo

Watipatsa & Charity are two first year students from Malawi

I want to be like you.

I want the zeal you have for worshipping our God because you understand that there is no greater love or service or endeavor more worthy than glorifying and orienting our lives around the true King.

I want to overcome with grace and strength like you do when life doesn’t go your way or the daily reality is a struggle. Life is hard, but you know what you are fighting for. I want that clarity. I want that strength.

I want my knees to be as calloused as yours are because good or bad makes no difference to the fervor of your prayers.

I want to dance like you dance. I want to whoop and shout. I want to laugh and smile with such joy because God is good and his mercies are new and we are his children and life is beautiful.

I want to serve with your discipline. The kind that gets you up early to walk miles so you can encourage and lead and train others to follow Jesus before you walk miles back home in the heat of the day.

I want to be part of a family like this, a tribe of people from all different nations who call one another brother and sister despite their diversity because when you see one another, you see Jesus.

I want to love like you love because your love is shaping me into the likeness of Jesus. There is no greater gift you could ever give.

I want to thank you with all my heart.


Joshua and Jenny Gorenflo are visiting African Christian College for six weeks and we’re keeping them busy at work in many ways. This post by Joshua is part of a series where they will be sharing their experience on campus.

Joshua GorenfloJoshua is an adventurer in search of beautiful stories to share. He seeks a more generous view of the world and contributes to that goodness in whatever way possible. He is a wordsmith at gotkingdom.blogspot.com and is training to be an Aikido master. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaGorenflo.


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