Ready to Face the World and Shine the Light

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My name is Nonduduzo Dlamini and I am a Swazi. I have four siblings, three sisters and a brother.

I enjoy being around people and it gives me joy when they are happy. I like singing and when I sing for the Lord joy runs through my veins.

I consider coming to ACC a blessing in my life. I have learned a lot about life. I understand people from different cultures and how to live with them. It has been a strong foundation for my life. I got an opportunity to learn what I thought I could have learned in other universities.

I was shaped in a way that I became a different person. I am now ready to face the world and to share the light, not only to my community, but to everyone that I will encounter with. I am going to use the knowledge that I gained to bring people closer to God and to help them understand about the love and word of God.

I was involved in a lot of different activities at ACC. I enjoyed visiting small churches to motivate and strengthen their congregation. Mostly I enjoyed motivating the youth and teaching them about some things that I learnt at ACC. For instance, I taught about HIV and AIDS on how they can prevent it from spreading worldwide. I also taught them from New Life Behaviour. That is one of the most activities I will miss the most.

I was part of the ACC choir (I already said I enjoy singing). One of the things that I also enjoyed doing at ACC was organising entertainment for everyone. It gave me a peace of mind to see everyone together, laughing and sharing their talents.

I also enjoyed visiting orphaned children, the MOM Project which helped to provide food, clothes, and Bible stories to the children. I enjoyed singing and dancing with the children. Moreover, I was also in the Student Representative Council.

After I graduate from ACC I am planning to go out into my community and apply what I was taught. I would love to work with organisations that provide counselling to abused or orphaned children.

My message to current students is that: never give up. The more one learns at ACC is the more one understands what a special and unique privilege it is to be at the school.

To the faculties I would like to say Thank You, Thank You and Thank You once again for making me realise that a lot of work needs to be done in the world. Thank you for helping me understand about the things which I didn’t understand and for equipping me with skills which I will use in life. You didn’t equip me with skills only, but you also taught me to be humble and to respect every soul.

I will never forget the changes you made in my life. Please continue with the wonderful job that you are doing and never stop praising and trusting God. I will miss you ACC!

This post is part of a series of posts from our 2015 graduating students.  Today’s post is from Nonduduzo Dlamini from Swaziland. Nonduduzo graduated on 28 November 2015, with her Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Counselling.

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