Transformation of My Heart is the First and Best Thing I Experienced

Salomon (42)SelectedThis post begins a series of posts from our 2015 graduating students. Today’s post is from Salomon Ntibaharire from Burundi. Salomon will be graduating on 28 November 2015, with his Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College and a major in Organizational Leadership.

My name is Salomon Ntibaharire from Burundi, married to a God-fearing and beautiful wife, Gloriose Nizigiyimana, since 2011. This year God blessed us with a son, Eloah Samuel. I majored in Organizational Leadership and my wife in Counselling. I accepted Christ as King and Saviour in my life when I was a very little boy and I am proud of that.

Before my coming to ACC, I was working as a Project Officer in an NGO and also leading a National Association of Students Members of our Church from Burundi Universities and Colleges. Even though I was succeeding in my jobs, I had no clear picture of what it takes to be a good leader. Fortunately, I met Fielden & Janet Allison who were ACC lecturers when they visited our congregations to teach marriage and family. They informed me about ACC, the courses they provide, and I started the application process until I was accepted.

When I came to ACC in 2013, the first and best thing I experienced was the transformation of my heart. This enabled me to see myself as a special asset to achieve the needs I and my community are envying (economic, social, political, cultural, and spiritual development). ACC being a multicultural environment, I learnt to accommodate everyone regardless of their differences. I adapted and adopted the spirit of team work in unity.

Through its academic works, ACC helped me to be able to communicate correctly in both writing and speaking. It made me to be a critical thinker based on whatever I may intend to achieve in my life and defending the Christian faith. ACC has increased in me the spirit of hard working and focusing on accomplishing my goals.

I discovered that ACC existed for the sake of African students so that they may impact the world through the Word of God. My being at ACC meant a lot to myself and family, God, others, and the rest of the creation.

Being a student at ACC I was involved in different activities such as:

  • Starting and leading the ACC Choir to encourage churches, preach the gospel of Christ, and advertise the school
  • Leading the Bee keeping Project
  • Serving as a treasurer in the Student Representative Council
  • Starting and Leading Praise and Worship Team, Cleaning and Ushering in the Campus Church of Christ
  • Participating in Evangelism programs
  • Chicken project member
  • Leading worship and preaching at Matsapha Church of Christ
  • Working in the macadamia Tree of Life and Campus
  • Soccer Team Member

ACC has excellently shaped my life and made me to see who I am through its daily devotions. My plans for the future are the following:

  • Doing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership
  • Providing leadership skills by training the church leaders, youths, and the community

Dear prospective students, ACC is a place where growth is a must. Three years of being at ACC will never be a loss or a regrettable time. ACC is a school but also a family where you can feel at home. Choosing this school is like finding a hidden key in order to reach an academic excellence that will help you to have a sustainable life.

Brothers and Sisters who are currently students at ACC, do not miss the point. You have discovered that your yesterday is no more your today. It gives courage that your tomorrow will be the best you were looking for years and years. Your commitment means a lot to your future. Do not give up! The One (God) who made it possible for you to start this journey, will accomplish it if you keep on obeying Him.

All in all, I am very thankful to the ACC administration and faculty for the energy and effort they put and sacrificed to make us who we are by providing us with quality education, scholarship, accommodation, and other opportunities to serve in the kingdom of God. Jesus says, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”(Matt.25: 40b, NIV).

May God bless you all!

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