ACC Provided Almost Everything I Need

Gloriose (14)SelectedMy name is Gloriose Nizigiyimana. I am a Burundian and married for four years to Salomon Ntibaharire, a handsome and caring man whom God gave me.

Before I came to ACC, I already had a degree in Clinic Social Psychology from the Great Lacs University of Burundi and I was working with an NGO at Musema hospital. There, I was counselling people who wanted to know their HIV status. Therefore, my husband wished to come at ACC for leadership courses and I had to accompany him, so that he may not be alone as a married man.

However, my coming at ACC was not easy because Burundi is far away from Swaziland, and it was hard to travel because of the wars in our country. But, God knew our needs before we even knew them. Through the encouragement from Fielden and Janet Allison, we applied and came to ACC. They oriented us how we could reach Swaziland and we reached peacefully, praise the Lord.

Being a Kirundi and French speaker, it was hard for me to communicate with others because I had never spoken with someone in English in my life. The only English word I knew was a greeting and I could only speak freely when I was in the house with my husband. But, God did a miracle to me after all the struggles that I met such that I started understanding English within a short period of time.

At ACC, I joined counselling courses and I started to understand how people differ in terms of cultures. I have learnt how to live with different people without judging them. In addition, I have learnt different works, like slaughtering chickens which most women in my country are not able to do.

In my counselling major, I gained a lot of skills on how to help people who are in difficult situations. With the knowledge I gained, I am going to help my people back home for they struggle with wars.

ACC provided me with almost everything I needed for survival. Indeed, ACC became my home where I was involved in many activities like volunteering in the garden, working in the macadamia plantation, singing in the ACC choir where we could go to the different places for the sake of the gospel, and leading and preaching in the women’s chapel. Lastly, I was involved in hospitality department, giving a warm welcome to our visitors making sure that the environment is clean.

I thank ACC for the opportunity of being one of its students for three years and equipping me socially, intellectually, and spiritually. When I get back home, my plan is to apply the counselling skills and the knowledge that I got from ACC.

Finally, for students who want to come to ACC, I encourage you to come too. ACC is a good place to stay because there is peace and security and it will equip you socially, intellectually, and spiritually. I also encourage the current students that they may continue working hard, because the beginning is always difficult but the end may be marvellous. I want to say thanks to the faculty for what they have done in my life. Please, continue doing the good works even to the current students and prospective students.

May the Lord our God keep and bless ACC.

This post is part of a series of posts from our 2015 graduating students.  Today’s post is from Gloriose Nizigiyimana from Burundi. Gloriose will be graduating on 28 November 2015, with her Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Counselling.

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