Equipped To Reconcile God’s Creation

Dennis (4)selectedI thank African Christian College Board of Trustees, President Mr. Brad Carter, supporting individuals, churches, and the lecturers for making ACC a godly learning environment.

At ACC, we gain balanced knowledge and practical skills about the Bible and the world both inside and outside classes.

My name is Dennis C. Chintelelwe from Northern Zambia, a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in theology with a major in Organisational Leadership. I am married to Juliet and we have two children, Emmanuela and Emmanuel.

My coming to African Christian College in 2013 was a result of seeing the leadership courses that the college offers as it was written in the prospectus. I expected to gain more knowledge about the Bible and the world at large, so that when I go back home or anywhere in the world, I will be able to do any job with respect to God and people.

I am equipped to reconcile God’s creation to Him, through my lifestyle, dedication to service, hard work, and performance at the acceptable standards. At the same time, I have learnt critical thinking skills and the fear of God in making right decisions that will always build up people and the church to bring glory to God.

At the college, I was in the Student Representative Council as a disciplinary representative helping students to conform to acceptable standards of the college. In addition, I volunteered in the chicken project, school choir, bee keeping project, and also as an Assistant Sales Manager.

I have gained more than I expected.

The exposure to outreaches, teaching, evangelising in different places and seeing how other organisations sustain themselves and reach out to people’s needs has added value to my life experience. My wife and I are looking forward to applying what we have learnt. The Word of God is and will continue to be the light to our feet.

I urge the remaining students to continue doing right things and to take advantage of the new system that has being introduced for more knowledge and practical experience. Wishing to have worked hard in and outside classes does not pay but working hard now pays!

This post is part of a series of posts from our 2015 graduating students.  Today’s post is from Dennis C. Chintelelwe from Northern Zambia. Dennis graduated on 28 November 2015, with his Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Organisational Leadership.



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