Continuing to Learn as a Counsellor


      Tjengisile Nontobeko Banda

Soon after graduating from African Christian College last year, Tjengisile Nontobeko Banda became employed as a psychosocial counsellor and cashier at Mathangeni Church of Christ Clinic. Below she explains how ACC empowered her to make a difference.

I started working at Mathangeni Church of Christ Clinic on the 1st of February 2016. My area of focus is psychosocial counselling where the doctor and nurses refer patients with issues for counselling. Though it is not yet common, we also accept clients who come only for counselling. I am using the skills that I acquired from ACC in doing my job.

Since we do not have clients to be counselled every day, I help at the clinic as an interpreter, and as a cashier in the morning. I also register patients and collect the charges required.

In my counselling work, I am continuing to learn. I find that some people do know that they need help. They have problems but it’s hard for them to take the chance and seek professional help. Our culture plays a huge part. For example, a common Swazi proverb says, “Dirty secrets of a home are not to be taken out.” Thus most clients believe that being strong means dealing with problems without outside help. Therefore I am working to help people overcome this fear and to overcome their challenges for better mental and emotional health.

Finally, I value the experience and education I got from African Christian College. I can now look back and say, “Thank you, God.”

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