Looking forward to a good harvest

Walking around the orchard, one can be forgiven for being caught smiling to themself at the beautiful sight of the trees. Summer is here, the trees are a sparkling green colour, and above all, they have just gone past the  flowering stage and many growing nuts can be seen hanging beautifully from the trees. This is music to our ears because of the possibility of a good harvest, and a good harvest means the continuation of the work that we do here through the grace that God showers upon us.

This is not the end of the work we have been doing through the year, but actually the beginning of it. Our trees need to be cared for very closely so that we may receive the harvest that it promises to be. This is the reason why we are currently engaged in installing a new water pump so that we may be able to efficiently and adequately water the trees. Though we have been blessed with good rains so far this planting season in Swaziland, a proper and well-functioning irrigation system is imperative to take over when the rains stop. Again, the kind of watering that suits macadamia trees is that which does not come in torrents but in easy showers; so the new irrigation system will aid in that aspect.

Talking of rain, we do remember that last year almost the whole of Southern Africa experienced a severe drought, and it did also affect us in terms of harvesting. We; however, did not lose heart nor did we abandon our faith, but we took our petitions to God in prayer not only for ourselves but for the entire region. We are grateful that the rains are also giving us great hope that we shall have a good harvest. As mentioned earlier, a good harvest means a continuation of the work that we are doing both in the Tree of Life and the college. Through this, we will be able to have more Africans socially and economically impacted and educated so that they contribute to the growth of the African continent.

It has not been an easy year but it was a good year. The hardwork of our staff and partners have seen us through till this time where we look forward to the New Year with great hope that we shall have our reward. It is to the glory of the Father that we labour unceasingly in the Tree of Life project in order to exhibit our works of faith and good stewardship of the graces that God has entrusted us with. What more can we say, our trees are blossoming, the rains are coming down and the work continues – to God be the glory.

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