The World Needs More Credible Leaders

The name my parents gave me is Kingsley Chimaliro, a citizen of Malawi – otherwise known as the Warm Heart of Africa. I was born and bred in the northern region of the country at a village called Chanozga. I am a twenty-four year old young man with a passion for leadership and working in the kingdom of God.

The experiences of my life have taught me to be able to say boldly that our God has excellent plans for His people. Before I came to ACC, I had applied in different institutions with the hope of making a better future for myself, but everything was in futility. I had lost hope at all that something good will ever happen in my life academically. Seeing my life moving to the opposite direction from where I had hoped it would prompted me to sit down and plan again.  In 2016 I wrote a plan on what I wanted to achieve that year, and one of my plans was that I want to travel to another country. To my luck, a friend of mine by the name Vitumbiko Msowoya told me about African Christian College (ACC). He also helped me to apply and through God’s wonderful work and purpose, I was granted a place to study. I am grateful to my father who made it possible for me to be here. My journey from Malawi to Swaziland was not easy since I had to spend a lot of money to pass through at the boarders even though I had all the necessary documents.

Life at ACC is excellent because we have people from various countries with different cultures. Though this may be a challenge sometimes because it is difficult to relate to different cultures at the same time, but we are able to live in peace and harmony with each other. African Christian College is indeed equipping men and women with sound knowledge of God and preparing them for excellence in the service of the King of Kings. I aim to choose Organisational Leadership as my major because the world is going astray due to lack of credible leaders with a concrete integrity to stand for the truth as articulated in the Word of God. For instance, the issue of homosexuality is a hot topic right now and many African states are succumbing to the pressures inflicted upon them by secular lobbyists; therefore, they are legalising homosexuality. God did clearly communicate to us that homosexuality is an abomination before Him, both in the Old and New Testament and it is the responsibility of leaders to lead people God’s way. It is therefore my conviction that with the knowledge I am acquiring here at ACC I will be able to uphold God’s truth wherever He may choose to place me. I look forward to three fruitful years in Swaziland.

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