ACC Netball Team Record First Win

Our first module came to an exciting end last week Tuesday. Talking to a few students about how it was since opening, many of them expressed that it was hectic. The break did come at a much needed time for them to refuel their batteries. What better way was there for our ladies to refresh other than to flex their muscles and netball skills in a match? Indeed, last week Friday they went to play with Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) – Faculty of Nursing ladies team.

It was a highly awaited game for our team since it was their first competitive game since they established their team at the beginning of this year. There was a mixture of both anxiety and excitement for them and the supporters as well. The soccer team also went with them for morale support, and supporting the guys did since they cheered them from the first whistle till the last. The game started as a one sided affair as our team ran over their opposition. It was as if we were the seasoned players and they were the rookies. However, the nursing students soon picked up their form and started giving us a run for our money. It changed to an end to end match as both team ripped each other apart in an interesting exchange of goals. However, it did not change much for the three sets as ACC’s team was way ahead of them and one would have been forgiven for believing that the game was all but over.

ACC defending their goal

It was not to be since things dramatically changed in the last set as the opposition introduced another player, which was a huge boost to their team. They were fired up and took the game to our ladies who looked like they were suddenly hit by an unnoticed speeding vehicle. It was the final whistle that saved the day and guaranteed us a much needed and encouraging win. We would not be doing justice if we single out any particular player who did better than others because it was the coordinated effort of everyone that ensured the ACC name is lifted up. It was the unity of spirit that carried them through despite the persistent knocks of the opposition at their door; the determination to carry through even when their legs were complaining of tiredness. Indeed, everyone played not for themselves but the person wearing the same jersey as them. Watching from outside, we could see the real embodiment of Philippians 2:4, “Let each one of you look out not only for their own interests, but also for the interests of others.” This spirit lived through them, and we are confident that we shall see more great performances going to other games. Big ups to our ladies!

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