I am Ajambo Lucy from Uganda, Namayingo district, on Lolwe Island. I am born among eight children of Samuel and Mary Nyogesa. I always thank God for the protection He renders to my family, relatives and friends as well. My parents struggled and worked hard, but through God’s grace, they were able to pay our school fees and provide for our fundamental needs.

After my primary leaving examinations, I joined Harding Christian Academy in Nawagoma, Jinja, from 2010 – 2015. Harding is my pride because it nurtured me to be who I am today. When I finished my A level, the school employed me to work as the librarian for one year (2016) as I was preparing to join  African Christian College (ACC) the succeeding year. Harding, being a Christian founded school, highly esteems the cultivation of Christ-like morals within its students. However, not all of us there loved Bible class lessons, as some would dodge them occasionally. One day my Bible teacher, Duncan a graduate of ACC, came to our class to teach, and finding a few students, he seized the opportunity to encourage us to value the word of God because it is what has transformed him to who he is today. Perceiving him as man of integrity and ability to serve others both physically and spiritually, I listened with admiration. It was through this man that I was inspired to come at ACC.

I wrote to him letter requesting to be recommended to the college, but I was nervous because I was not sure if he would accept my request. To my surprise, he was very happy to hear that and was willing to help in any way for me to reach the college. When I talked to my parents about my coming to Swaziland, they were scared and not willing to allow me leave them because the period of three years seemed long for them to stomach. I kept begging and pleading until they honoured my request, which gave me great joy. My parents did all they could to see that I reach college well. I must admit that it was not an easy process at all, but with God’s ever sufficient support, I finally made it.

When I reached at ACC, I thought things would be very hard and I wondered how I was going to contend with people

Lucy (carrying the ball in blue) is part of the netball team

from different cultures. After the orientation, things changed for the better because I realised that environment on campus is so friendly than I had imagined. The lecturers, workers, fellow students and the community at large are willing to give time and share in your feelings. The spiritual development aspect of students is one of the core aims here because Christian morals are extremely accentuated. When it comes to academics, this is serious business since plagiarism is abominable and lecturers are always willing to help their students to perform at their utmost best in their studies. This is all just amazing!

I am looking forward to majoring in Organisational Leadership in order to be able to positively transform people and make our community a better place. I hope and have strong belief no matter what circumstance may arise, as long God’s grace prevail in my life, I will never regret my stay as student at African Christian College for three years.




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