“I want to be a solution to the crying world” – Zitsile Kunene

Today we bring a powerful story of one of our first year students. Hear what this woman of God has to say about coming to ACC

My name is Zitsile Kunene, a Swazi, and I am married with two children, a boy and a girl. Growing up, my parents and older siblings wanted me to choose a career that suited them not me. Despite that I had a vivid picture and calling into ministerial work, specifically Christian counselling and psychology for the kingdom of God, my family was absolutely against it. There was this notion that going into ministry leads to poverty and a mediocre lifestyle. Consequently, I disobeyed God and studied the opposite of what I called to do, though that also did not pay off.

However changing my nation for God’s glory is underway, as I have now yielded myself to God in fulfilling purpose He set for me. Late last year, 2016, as I was looking at my life and my calling; I started making enquiries about colleges offering Christian counselling and psychology. I had certain confirmations about me being in this field. People always came to me with their challenges they faced, and I always helped them such that some were in the brink of committing suicides. My sister told me about African Christian College (ACC) which I did not know anything about it let alone that it was here in Swaziland. My transformational journey began from that meeting as I set out to the college. Everything was explained to me by the friendly staff there.

The graceful Zitsile Kunene

Fast forward to 2017 January, I was here and my spirit was so much at peace with my decision. My husband played a huge role in that regard as he had to sacrifice in so many ways while I enrolled here. That is how much he loves me and I am always grateful to God for him. I also believe that is because he loves God so much. As I am continuing with my studies here it is so beautiful due to the fact that my family is here with me. The lecturers here are so committed to their work, they are very clear in the delivery and very patient with all the learners. We are a small family here, but powerful, filled with love and unity. With the rich knowledge I am gaining here, I know I’m about to be an asset in my nation and the world at large. The more lives I reach and touch positively will be the more society changes for the glory of God. I want to be a solution to the crying world and give love as well as guidance. There are people who have not been loved and appreciated, so I strongly believe that God wants me to be there for those souls, and above all to win souls for the body of Christ. At first I did not take it seriously when people came to me with their hurts and offloaded on me. Now with the skills to help and counsel the hurting generation, I know I will do much better than before.

May I take this opportunity to encourage anyone who has a calling or ambition in their lives to look no further, but to come to ACC. They will not be disappointed. Here the word of God is shared and as a result one grows from one glory to the next. Women are not undermined but considered to be great shapers of the world. Empowering women and men for God is ACC’s mission

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