The Journey to Niniveh: Meki from Malawi

This week we sat down with this gentleman from Malawi who shared his story of how God orchestrated events until he responded to His call. Read and be blessed.

My name is Foley Meki from Malawi in the city of Blantyre. God blessed me with a family – one wife and three wonderful gifts of children. A look into my life in as far as God’s calling is concerned will reveal a vivid comparison with that of the prophet Jonah. The prophet was tasked to go to Niniveh but he ran away to Tarshish. Although I did not run away per se, still I pursued other avenues despite the confirmed call of God over my life. It is still crystal clear in my mind how at the age of eighteen I was almost enrolled for Theology College. However, I had to be rejected on grounds that I was very young. I recall the effect that incident had in me as I thought I would never get a chance to follow what was in my heart. Looking back now, I marvel at the hand of God that has threaded the events of my life to eventually lead me to where I am now.

Foley Meki

After my rejection at the college, I pursued other fields and followed different careers. I worked in the computer industry for quite a long time where I made a name for myself. It is interesting that when I went home in March, my former employers asked me if I had not changed my mind about coming back to work. I was on the verge of moving to the city and open a new branch that I was going to manage when I laid my hands on African Christian College’s (ACC) prospectus. I liken that moment as a shining star; leading me back on track from where I was lost. Like the Magi from the East who relied on the star to lead them where the King was born, so was my experience at this point. I did not consult anybody, the guidance from God was enough. I sold my possessions, resigned from my job, and embarked “on the journey to get equipped to serve God’s kingdom better.”

Indeed, I have served in different positions in the church; preaching, evangelising and teaching the youth, but that was on a part time basis as I had to work fulltime in order to make money and live. This; however, was not enough, because the Lord wanted me to go where He had destined me. The time for me to work part-time in God’s kingdom is over; I want to devote myself fulltime into ministerial work – a desire that has always been buried deep within me. The time of ignoring God’s call is past now. As a result, my eyes are fixed on the day I will graduate, so that I can go out to add to the number of workers in the field for the kingdom of God.

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