Fana Simelane: Work Supervisor

Reading the Holy Bible from Exodus 18, we encounter a story of Moses being given leadership advice by his father-in-law, Jethro, concerning delegation of duties. What we see here is that different leadership levels makes work to go smoothly and efficiently. We encounter the same principle in Acts 6 where seven men were chosen to take care of a certain ministry within the church. In light of that, we are pleased to introduce to you Fana Simelane, a Work Supervisor in the Tree of Life (TOL). His work is just as crucial as any other for the well-functioning and growth of African Christian College (ACC).

Fana is a married man with two kids. He came to us in January of the year 2010 to work as a casual. Due to his dedication and hard work, he was eventually employed as a permanent worker in September of that very year. Indeed, the last 6 years with him has been a blessing because he has established himself as one of our trusted and committed workers. As a Supervisor, his work mainly involves making sure that general work in the farm is done to satisfaction. As we talked about dehusking in our previous post, Fana is in charge of that process. This does not mean that he is literally operating the machine, but he delegates to other trusted workers.  If he were to want to do all the work by himself, less work would be done.

Fana working in the dehusking machine with other workers

As you expect, his work sometimes does overlap from the TOL to ACC and his cooperativeness always comes in handy. If there is no one to delegate to, he does the needed task by himself. This may include but not limited to, maintenance department work, working equipment, and reservoir water sharing. Apart from these direct duties that get Fana involved with campus work, his job as supervisor is also essential in the overall success of the college. With a Supervisor, work may not go accordingly. By this we are not, by any means, saying that our workers cannot function without a supervisor. However, it is the Supervisor who knows what work needs to be done and where, so he directs the workers on their daily duties.

As you, dear reader, already know that the TOL contributes immensely to the college’s sustainability, it is such people like Fana who play their part. Just like the other people who are part of TOL leadership, Fana’s contribution through his work is one of the reasons we are able to maintain the quality standards we set for ourselves in our macadamia nuts.

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