The Passionate People and Community Developer: Frantic Dlamini

Through his life and work, he has touched many lives and still is to impact more. Read and be blessed through this inspirational young person who has a zeal and passion for development.

My name is Frantic Ndumiso Dlamini. In 2012 I was offered a glorious opportunity to attain a Christian education through African Christian College (ACC). Looking back to my days as a student, I can boldly say that I have been challenged, transformed, uplifted and I am no longer the same. I majored in Organizational Leadership, and this gave me the opportunity to feed my passion of Community Development as well as sharpen my leadership skills. I have been taught how to work in teams, how to deal with people and embrace diversity, even that of opinions. When I graduated in 2014, I was blessed enough to join the ACC staff where I was to begin working in January the following year, 2015. Since then, I work as the Admissions Coordinator. My job involves promoting the college in different functions locally and outside Swaziland, taking applicants through the application process, being part of the Admissions committee, preparing and leading the annual orientation exercise, maintaining relationships between ACC and churches, and working as a staff sponsor for MOM project (an evangelistic effort where children are fed and taught God’s word bi-weekly), among other things.

My passion is to invest in the lives of other people and being at ACC has worked to my advantage to achieve that. I always interact with students, go out to churches to preach, conduct motivational sessions in high schools, teach children and work with the youth in different churches. What has been giving me that inner satisfaction is going out to do promotions in different functions. This job enables me to meet new people, share the love of Christ with them, and tell the ACC story of how God is at work here in order to ignite interest for potential students to join the college. What gives me joy is investing something towards someone’s growth and achievement and seeing the fruits of that investment. I am motivated by Paul’s words, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23). In my job I have found my ‘whatever’ and I am always striving to work at it heartily. It is not always easy as my leadership has been and still is tested. But even so, Joyce Meyer one said, “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges”. My boss once told me that sometimes I will be a trailblazer; explore new grounds that have not been explored before. My job involves thinking outside the box and being innovative, skills that I learnt through ACC and learning to this day.

Frantic in South Africa during the Young Adults Seminar

My thought is with my community. What attracted me to ACC was the good package of its rich education. Entrepreneurship, Community Development, Marketing Principles are some of the major courses that resonated well with my passion for life. I want to live out what ACC has taught me. I want to be self-reliant by utilizing all necessary skills to develop myself and teach others in the process. I am passionate about teaching, motivation, and leading by good example. I am still in the planning stages of some entrepreneurial projects at home. Establishing these projects will help me to keep honing the skills I learnt through ACC, learn more skills and change lives. In my dreams lies a deep concern about Swaziland youths. After some recent visits with the Church of Christ Young Adults group, I have developed some jealousy for my fellow Swazis; I want to get Swazis on the move. I want to mobilize others so we can form a Christian group that has a vision of developing young people for life skills and influential leadership.

ACC is more than just a Bible school; it is a Christian college. This is the message that young people throughout the soils of Africa should get very well. ACC offers lots of life skills through its 3 Majors in Counselling, Bible & Ministry and Organizational Leadership.  Wherever the Lord put me or I will keep the message ringing that ACC is a place to be for raising good godly leaders of which the 21st century is crying for.

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