ACC Fun Day: A Day of Bonding in Friendship and Love

Although the sun was scorching, probably reaching up to 30°celsius, it failed to damped the mood for our Fun Day on Saturday afternoon. There are many conceptions about fun and indeed, fun is relative. We do not believe there is an absolute standard for fun, however, we would like to bring a definition the Apologist Ravi Zacharias gave that, “Fun is anything that refreshes you without diminishing or jeopardizing your chances of reaching your ultimate goal in life.” Indeed, what we did on Saturday was get a refreshment that did not distract us from our ultimate goal because we had ended our first semester on the previous day.

The event was well organised by the responsible people – from the starting time, the games and the finishing time. The leader of the games was none other than our Sports Minister Thokozani Mhlanga who did a sterling job in compiling the games and making sure that everything proceeds smoothly. The teams were divided into two – white and blue. Staff members also became part of the day, with pleasing notations of the Operations Manager Sydney Mhango and Assistant Operations Manager Sikhumbuzo Matisa who were part of the white and blue teams respectively. From the word go, the white team dominated the win scores and it was not a surprise that they emerged as the eventual winners of the day. The games that were played included egg race, music ball, balloon race, and others. Whoever said theologians are boring should swallow their words because what happened on Saturday was refreshment in the truest sense for the sake of sharing love.

Laughter was the order of the day

Speaking of love, it is noted that people who take time to play together create a special bond that is not easily broken. As much as love can be strengthened through tough situations, play has a different element of establishing and solidifying the love bond. When God gave the Ten Words to Israel, He told them to spare a day for rest. Without getting into much theology, we who are from the New Testament era understand that this day is not literally a specific day but an emphasis that we need to take time off to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This was the spirit of the day – to laugh, play, relax and love together. We do spend much of our days working and trying to make a living, but days like this help us to remember that we are a family, and families play together.

After the hard work of the first semester, and the upcoming hectic schedule of mid-mesters, we definitely needed this kind of refreshment. The last item of the day was a friendly soccer match between our boys’ team and Tree of Life workers. The game served as a necessary practice in preparation of the four-college tournament that will take place this Saturday, 27th May 2017.


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