The Man Who Aspires to be a Christian Entrepreneur

 Our brother Noel Ndawala left his job as a banker for the sake of kingdom of God. Read his story and find inspiration.

I am one of the four Malawians who enrolled to African Christian College this academic year of 2017. My name is Noel Ndawala from Malawi. I am a married man with two children. God blessed me with a family – one wife, Beatrice, and two wonderful children, Peace and Prosper.

Prior to this year, I was working as a banker, a job I had held for the last 7 years. I got to know about ACC from one of the alumnus of this college and his name is Oliver Kazembe. I knew him when I just arrived to work in the City of Blantyre from another district, and Oliver stays there. It was really the amazing grace of God for us to meet in that manner because I did not expect such a thing to happen.

Noel with his son, Prosper

One would wonder why I left everything and came to ACC. In my life, I had been dreaming of studying the word of God in detail so that I can be able to serve God in the right way and apply God’s word in various disciplines of my life. When I visited the college’s website to see the course details, I was really touched and believed that ACC is my destination where I will learn more. The courses are very unique because you learn so many things apart from just learning about the Bible. Secondly, the lecturers who are at ACC are highly qualified and professionals in their field. Thirdly, the scholarship that is provided to the students is great and this is not common to many colleges. And finally, the college allows you to come with your family; housing and other facilities are available on campus.

I hope by the end of my three years at this college, my life will be completely changed, and I aspire to impact more in my country as well as other countries. After graduating, I have a plan to be a Christian entrepreneur who will be able to take God’s word to the market place and let people know God in various places. If at all I get a job, I hope to work in a unique way so that God’s word shall be glorified.


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