ACC Flag Flies High in Sports Games

Beloved reader, it is indeed a good week for African Christian College. As you may know, we are back in class for our mid-mesters that will last until September. We are excited to be hosting two visiting and outstanding lecturers who are doing amazing work in their fields of study at Abilene Christian University in USA. We have Professor Carley Dodd who is taking our Organisational Leadership and Bible & Ministry majors on Leadership Foundations. We also are blessed to have Dr Robert Rhodes who is teaching our Counselling majors on School Guidance and Counselling. They are both here with their families and we are blessed to have them with us for the next two weeks.

As great as that is, you will recall that last week Saturday we participated in a three-college’ tournament for netball and soccer.

Netball team captain Ncobile Simelane (Left) with SRC Chairperson Dan Muwiliza

Saying we participated is probably an understatement, but saying we competed really paints the picture of what transpired over the weekend. The colleges who took part were Regent Business School, Euro-Africa Campus and us, and although there was an eleventh hour change as one college pulled out from the initial plan of four teams, the plan did not fail. To spare you the suspense of what happened, our ladies made us proud by coming out as champions in the netball games. Our boys, who gallantly fought as soldiers willing to die in battle, were unfortunate not to bring any silverware home. It was indeed a competitive competition as every team came prepared to emerge as champions and we are grateful and proud of our girls for lifting ACC’s flag high.


Not very many people know about ACC, and rightly so because for a long time we had shut ourselves out from the “college environment” in the country. Sports play a big role in marketing an institution and building relationships with people in the same field as you do. That was one of the reasons we saw it beneficial to us to take part in this tournament. As little and isolated a college we may be, our participation in this competition served as a voice to the outside world, and we are confident that it will sound forever in the ears of those who were there.

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