Teaching at ACC Has Been Such a Blessing

Brother Floyd Vidler is one of the popular visiting lecturers we have here. He has been of tremendous help teaching some courses, but has been focusing now on Personal Evangelism these last few years. It is a joy to have him share his experiences about being at ACC. Here is brother Floyd.

Teaching at ACC for the last six years have been a huge blessing to me, one I cannot begin to express in words.  While my wife, Connie, had been here once before, for a few days, I was able to have her with me for the whole two weeks of this mid-mester.  I am so thankful that she got to be with this community and was also able to bless what I did this time.

Floyd with his beloved wife, Connie

A day or so ago Connie was on Facebook and noticed that one of my former students (Felix) was in South Africa teaching at a Youth Conference and was referring to his topic as “Making a Big Deal out of Jesus”—which was a concept that I shared with his class one year.  I was told by Brad that another of my students from the past (Gift Musanda from Zambia) was using what she learned here to start her own business. Not only that, but she was also encouraging others in her home country to learn these concepts so that they could get out of poverty.  While I did not teach her “Entrepreneurship” class, it was a thrill to learn of her use of what she got here and to know that I had some influence with her during the interchange that I had with her here at ACC.  She is such a sweet and dedicated lady.

On this last Sunday, while waiting in the bus for others to come for the ride to worship service at Masundvwini, it was a thrill to hear Goodenough Magwaza, a third year student, speak with intelligence and passion about working to correct many of the abuses he has seen in NGOs. I have spoken with a number of students who “…cannot wait to go back home and use the concepts that we have discussed in evangelism class.”  I am thrilled beyond measure that so many of my former students are working here on campus for ACC.  Go guys go!

I am so proud of them and humbled to have had the opportunity, given to me by God to have some influence in their lives.  May God bless and give them His Holy Spirit, and may the Holy Trinity have full power in their lives.  Connie and I love everyone very much and will be waiting to hear about how God is using them.

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