“Being at ACC is Not a Mistake” – Muziwababa

I have come a long way from home, travelled thousands of kilometres, left my family and friends and came to the kingdom of Swaziland. It may not seem much to one looking from a distance but I will assure you that this sacrifice has been the greatest I have made in following God. I say this because we Africans in general believe a lot in family and community such that at times it seems like we are like trees rooted in the ground – us being rooted in our families. Despite that, I , Muziwababa Sithole, left Zimbabwe, my home area of Manyikaland, with only my wife and three children, Shammah, Shalom and Makanaka, and started on this adventure of pursuing God through education.

It was through conversations with my young brother Tawanda Mwadiya, a former student at African Christian College (ACC), that the desire to follow his educational path was born. Studying again was not in my mind at all, but through God’s grace I find myself back in class pursuing my studies in the field of theology. I regard this as a blessing because the greatest knowledge a person can ever amass and get life through it is that of God. The next three years of my life will be dedicated in drawing more nearer to the heart and mind of God, and being equipped to serve in His kingdom. It is without doubt in my mind that my being at ACC is not a mistake because it is where I rather be since God’s word is taught and Christian ethics highly emphasized. I also find it very rewarding that the education builds one both academically and spiritually.

Muziwababa Sithole with his son, Shammah

The world and its people are suffering as they search for the truth on how to live happy and satisfying lives. There are some great intellectuals who have no happiness. If only people knew the answer is not hard to find. Jesus said that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). By saying this, He puts Himself as the place where life’s biggest questions can be answered, including how to live a better and successful life in what you do. It is that truth the world needs, and the truth that I hope to transmit after my study here at ACC.

I still have not decided which major I will choose next year between Counselling and Organizational Leadership. However, I feel drawn more towards the latter because it would enable me to work with my community and bring change where needed. The biggest challenge evident for all to see is the high rate of corruption. If Christians do not stand up and address this issue, then we are not doing justice to our calling of being “salt and light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-16). I should add that being in a foreign country was and is not that challenging for me. For my kids, they are enjoying learning from kids of other cultures. I know that they may not be able to adjust back to their original culture after three years, and I do not know if that is good or bad. That put aside, I am enjoying my time here and looking forward to the adventure with God and the community of ACC.


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